There are lots of reasons to get a teacher to help you learn to scratch, but above all having a mentor saves you enormous amounts of time:  
- time wasted because you weren't getting anywhere and lost interest for a while
- time wasted scouring the internet and trying to find videos to teach you the techniques in a way that you can understand them
- time wasted because you weren't practising correctly when all you needed was a couple of pointers

Get a scratch tutor and you'll be in the fast lane to scratch domination.


It's easy
to find online video tutorials explaining scratch techniques, but to bring all these techniques together you're probably after a little structure too!

What skills should you learn first?
How do you combine new skills with the old ones and make it all sound musical?
We provide the answers - we have developed a step-by-step programme that can be followed by anyone to learn and master the basics first, then progress to more advanced cuts. Soon you'll be switching from one technique to the other effortlessly, so you can concentrate on enjoyment, flow and style.


OK, so you're learning a new technique from a video tutorial, but you can't quite get it to sound right. "Am I doing it right?" "Where am I going wrong?" You could spend hours studying videos or scouring the web trying to find the answer. You might never find the answer and give up! However, with scratching tuition, your question will be answered instantly. This will ease your frustration, and you'll get a big head-start on everyone who's learning on their own. More time for you to master the technique, less time on a wild-google chase!


Yes, there are quite a few DJ courses out there to choose from, but how many of them focus on scratching and turntablism, and to a high standard? We can help with your mixing too, but we believe that to teach scratching properly, it's not enough to be shown a few things by a DJ who knows a few basics; you need expert scratch teachers, which is what we are.


You can't learn to scratch in an afternoon, or even a day, so if you do want to learn to scratch properly, many short courses will not give you the skills you need. We are available to provide guidance on a long-term basis. This will allow you to go away and practise alone and return with any questions you may have. If you keep the lessons regular, you won't be swamped with too much information in one go and you'll progress over time. We will support you, from Day One right through to the point when you don't need us anymore (maybe because you've become better than we are...?)


You will also likely find that our teaching is less expensive than advertised DJ courses. Some courses require you to commit to a full term's lessons with fees costing upwards of £1000! With LearntoScratch your first lesson has an initial 30 minute trial period and you have no obligation to continue. Lessons with LearntoScratch are around £22 per hour, lesson fees are taken on a lesson-by-lesson basis and you can stop lessons at any time.

As an experienced scratch/battle DJ (2nd place Reading 2006 DMCs, London final DMCs 2005-2006, Juice DJ 2001 London heat winner and UK finalist), DJ Drednought, Learn2Scratch teacher, can advise you on all aspects of turntablism, including beat juggling, which records to use and how to construct your sets. He is also an experienced piano/keyboard player and classical musician, so can show you how to incorporate other instruments into your DJ sets/productions.

It is quite possible that you will learn more in just a session with us, than in several months of practising on your own using web videos. We challenge you to prove us wrong!

To get started, contact us on info@learntoscratch.com or ring 07810 351160