At Learn to Scratch we know that it takes love, passion and commitment to learn any new skill or artform. But we also know that the help of a good teacher can make the journey easier, more enjoyable and much faster. That’s where we come in.

Our curriculum has been honed over many years to give you the skills you need so you’ll be scratching over a beat in next to no time. If you have been DJing for a while but are now looking to add scratching to your repertoire, this is the course for you! If you have been scratching for some time but would like a boost to take you to the next level, look no further!

One thing that we especially focus on, as well as the techniques, is the feel of your scratching. It’s not just about learning complicated patterns and performing them quickly – the best scratching grabs your attention because it sits perfectly in the groove of the rhythm. We can help you achieve this too, and we will constantly refer to this aspect as we work through the course.

Learn to Scratch curriculum:

Order of learning techniques: 1-chirp, 2-scribble, 3-release, 4-long tear, 5-short tear, 6-stab,
7-reverse short tear, 8-transforms (including double and triple clicks), 9-hydroplane, 10-laser/tweak
1- one-click flare, 2- two-click flare (orbit), 3- flare forward cut back, 4- three-finger crab (with tone), 5- two-click twiddle, 6- three-click twiddle/crab, 7- euro scratch 8- boomerang + variations (autobahn etc)