Learn to Scratch sessions are taught in small groups (4 students per session), lasting for 3 hours each, and you will receive tuition from an experienced scratchmaster (see homepage for demo).

Each student is allowed to progress at his or her own pace.

One set of turntables is set up and students take it in turns to practise the techniques while the other 3 students have the opportunity to observe and rest before rotating.

We have found that the small group format is more beneficial for students than one-to-one tuition as there is less fatigue and students can learn from each other as well as from the teacher.

The teacher will tailor the tuition to the needs and level of each student. Enjoy!

Sessions take place at various venues across London, and the cost is £65 per 3-hour session.

The turntables set up will be vinyl (as we find vinyl is easier to learn on), but the techniques learned can be applied equally to CDJs or mp3 controllers. However, if you would still rather learn on your own equipment, then (space-permitting!) you are welcome to bring it along.

Our guarantee: If you're not happy within half an hour of the first lesson, you can leave the lesson and you owe nothing!

CALL NOW 07810 351160 or email info@learntoscratch.com